This longsword has the name “Talon” inscribed upon it’s hilt. This, combined with its silvered scabbard, intricate markings, and polished shine despite it’s age give this weapon the appearance of nobility and history.

The hilt itself is forged into the shape of a falcon, with wings outspread. The blade exudes a faint, soft glow from its tapered edges, a sign that it is imbued with magic.

This sword once belonged to a great knight named Aldith Tresendar. In his prime, he was a hero who went by the name of the Black Hawk. Born of nobility, he always wore the finest, be it armor or clothing. The two items he was never seen without were Talon and a platinum ring bearing the mark of his house, a sign of his heritage and proof of his status as a noble.

There are still tales of Aldith’s exploits circling around the Sword Coast in the form of bards’ songs and tavern stories. Though these accounts are sure to have been exaggerated they must surely be based in some truth. Some tell of his fighting, swift and deadly like a bird of prey, swooping in for a single-hit kill. Others tell of his charm, wooing ladies of nobility and earning the admiration of fellow men.

Yet another tale regales the encounter in which Aldith came to acquire Talon. The stories say he climbed the heights of Icespire Peak and, at its summit, found the nest of a dire eagle. There, he fought and subdued the creature. Over the course of the battle, he severed one of the beast’s claws. When the fight was over, he used it to craft a new sword on the spot, utilizing his old, tattered sword as a hammer, the beak of the eagle as the anvil, and the heat from it’s nostrils as his flaming forge.

But again, these tales are sure to have been exaggerated.

One piece of information that is considered fact is that, once Aldith retired from adventuring, he used his wealth and status to construct a large mansion in the foothills below the Sword Mountains. Some that say he took a wife and raised a son. The building itself was named Tresedar Manor, and over time the city of Phandalin was founded in it’s proximity, though by that time the manor was already empty and in a state of disrepair. As for what happened to Aldith Tresendar and his family, it has been lost to the annuls of time.


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