Sword Mountains


The Sword Mountains are an mistakable geographical feature of the Sword Coast, spanning many miles in a rough East-to-West pattern, Ending all the way at the Mere of Dead Men in the West. It can be seen most clearly while traveling along the Triboar Trail.

The mountains are surrounded my numerous valleys and foothills, making travel even close to the mountains difficult. Only the hardy can settle these areas. The greatest success story in this vein would likely be the town of Phandalin, which is nestled right up near the Western foothills.

The mountains themselves are not oft explored, but daring explorers have brought back tales of frost giants in the snowy heights, dwarven mines at the depths, and even dire eagles soaring above the jagged peaks. The temperatures of the winds at the peaks have been compared to constant brushes of cold steel, and their sounds like that of sharpening iron.

The name comes from the mountains’ distinctive shapes. Each protruding peak has the guise of a blade, thrust up from the earth. Most of these appear short like serrated daggers, a few wind their way up as icy flamberges. The tallest of these is Icespire Peak, and is most often viewed as a longsword, straight and true, attempting to pierce the heavens.

Sword Mountains

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