A harpy is a maligned humanoid creature with an avian lower body and a pair of wings. It subdues its prey by its ability to magically sing, inducing a trance in those that hear, drawing them closer, and then tormenting them.

Harpies have the appearance of female humanoids with avian features. The hands and feet of a harpy end in long, sharp talons. Most harpies are unclean creatures, who have no regard for their appearance. They tend to wear little or no clothing, so as to not restrict their flying mobility, and what little they do wear usually consists of baubles and tokens stolen from the corpses of those whom they have slain.

A harpy’s song, once heard, acts like a charm, inducing a trance-like state in which the victim is compelled to move towards the harpy, regardless of any dangers that might obstruct his or her path. Once the victim is right next to the harpy, it is at the harpy’s whim, and the harpy will often carry or move its prey back to its lair. Elves are naturally resistant to the effects of the harpy’s song

Despite their savage minds and appearances, harpies are able to sing beautifully. Their songs can even captivate the minds of those that listen too long. Harpies use this song to lure in victims to slay.

Harpies use primitive weapons; usually bone clubs, but they can also bite and rake with their claws. They have no preference over their victims, and enjoy the killing and torture of any creature. They are almost exclusively carnivorous, but if meat is unavailable, they will resort to eating vegetation. Their preferred food is fresh demihuman meat, especially elves. Due to the natural resistance elves have to the harpy’s song, harpies view their meat as an especially rare delicacy. The lifespan of a harpy typically ranges anywhere between twenty-five and thirty years old. In some rare cases, harpies have been known to reach fifty years of age.

It is extremely difficult, but not impossible to tame a harpy. Though their instincts make them extremely sadistic and hostile, if trained from an very young age, a harpy can be made passive and presentable.

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