The Lost Mines of UH

Thundertree and Cragmaw Castle

Spiders and Dragons and Goblins, Oh My!

We arrive at Thundertree to find the druid named Reidoth that lives here to get the location of Cragmaw Castle and see that the town is dusty and almost entirely deserted. We search every house and find these weird plant creatures that aren’t hostile…at first. They attack us and we defeat them. In one of the battles, Feylyn called on Toroq to help, which we didn’t really need, and he sent a servant to help and a contract apparently that required her to eat the heart of the next person we meet who is not an enemy. That was terrible timing, seeing as we had to meet Reidoth. We eventually found where he lived and I went in and talked to him alone in order to keep him from Feylyn. I ask about Cragmaw Castle and he says he can tell me but would like me and my party to take care of some suspicious individuals doing mysterious dealings on the other side of the time and get a dragon to move out the tower in the town. He also says that he can help me with something druidic if I help him. We agree and go to the other side of town. We try to get them to open the door but they won’t so Gruit breaks it down. We get one or two of them but the others get away. All of them wore black cloaks that had the symbol of Tiamat on them. We figured that were some kind of cult. With all of them gone or taken of, we head to the tower.

After we arrive, we see the dragon, a big green one, sleeping. Vanessa tries to sneak past it to investigate the upstairs and almost makes it but steps on something and makes a noise that wakes the dragon. It raises up and reveals that not only was it not green, being covered in moss and actually being black, it was also not a traditional dragon. It had eight legs and had spiders coming out of its mouth. It was a spider dragon. I didn’t even know that was a thing. We tried talking to it and convincing it to move somewhere else but it didn’t even want to talk at first. It just told us to entertain it first and had it spider children capture Gruit. Feylyn ate one of its children whole and tried to rap battle it. It complete smoked her in the rap battle then wanted to have a physical battle. We fought and in the commotion I found the dragon’s hoard. I dove in the hole that was only big enough for regular person so it couldn’t follow me. I then pissed it off by bragging about all the gold and stuff and how I was going to spend it. Then something happened with Feylyn, Berrian, and Gruit that I didn’t see, but apparently Gruit sacrificed his body and soul to Toroq in order to save Feylyn from her contract with him after she made him mad. Gruit didn’t deserve that. He’s probably being tortured in the Nine Hells somewhere because of Feylyn. The spider dragon is apparently freaked out by this and burrows out. We raid the hoard room and return to Reidoth’s house.

We inform Reidoth of our completion of the tasks and loss of our comrade. He thanks us for our help and gives his condolences for Gruit. He tells us the location of Cragmaw Castle and makes me a member of the group, The Emerald Enclave. I’m so honored! We thank Reidoth so much for his help and head towards Cragmaw Castle. Feylyn, having been the cause of Gruit’s sacrifice, tries to reform her ways and get back into Selune’s good graces but she just got a busy signal. So Feylyn turned to the nature goddess Eldath to serve. A servant of Eldath came and informed her that Eldath would accept her if she didn’t have a violent or aggressive thought or action for 3 days and then bathed under a waterfall for 24 hours. Feylyn accepted this and began her spiritual journey. Soon after came her first challenge to her journey in the form of a drow warlock being attacked by ogre. We fought and defeat the ogre, except Feylyn, and find out that this drow’s name is Vino and that he is a friend of Gruit. I couldn’t believe that Gruit could have a drow for a friend, seeing as he was just as racist and rude and condescending as my father said they were. I didn’t trust him at all. He also had business in Cragmaw Castle and was pretty powerful so we reluctantly allowed him to come with us. We came to Neverwinter on the way and I met up with Bartholomew and informed him of our journey so far. After, I hear around town that a drow was starting some trouble in a tavern and of course it was Vino. What do you expect from a drow? Vanessa buys a beautiful falcon and Feylyn buys a….not beautiful broken homunculus whom she named Alfonse. She had Berrian fix it while Vino tried to help. I stayed up and watched Vino until he tranced because I didn’t trust him. We woke up the next day and headed out to Cragmaw Castle.

On the way, we ran into a group of goblins who seemed organized and militaristic. We fought them and killed all but 1 to lead us to Cragmaw Castle. It tried to lead us away and we used that to do the opposite of what it was saying to make it to the castle. We scouted the castle using Vino’s invisible imp named Montrachet. After it looked through half of the castle, it informed Vino who informed us of what it saw. What it saw of note was a dwarf that had been tortured and a figure in all black. It had to be Gundren and the Black Spider!! We sneak into the castle and corner the Black Spider and he sets fire to the room he and Gundren are in. He escapes through the Hobgoblin restroom…somehow. We get Gundren out of the burning room and fight the rest of goblins in the vicinity. We fight more monsters and goblins (sort of along side a wild owlbear that the goblins had captured) in the rest of the castle. We investigate a temple that was in the castle that was apparently desecrated by the goblins and Berrian and Vino find a statue of Augury that was only one question per person. It warns about a danger that was close though we did not see it. They finish cleansing the temple and when we exit, we see the Nothic there. I want to attack it immediately but Berrian says wait since we don’t know what’s going on or why’s it here. I feel it trying to probe my mind, but I don’t know if it got any information. It just laughs and runs off. I swear that the next time I see that thing, I’m at least capturing it! It can’t be allowed to run around anymore!



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