The Lost Mines of UH

Excellent Zombies!

...They're not really excellent

After we saved Gundren from Cragmaw Castle, we took him to Reidoth’s house to get him to help find a waterfall for Feylyn and hopefully get his help finding Wave Echo Cave. On the way there, we encountered an orge that was thrashing down trees in anger. I can’t have that so I go to stop him. I ask him why he’s thrashing down trees. He tells me that he’s mad because a lady he likes refused his marriage proposal because he didn’t bring a big enough deer carcass for her. We agree to help him in order for him to stop tearing down trees. We find this 10 foot tall deer that the orge, whose name is Orloc, says is big enough. As we prepare for battle, I start having reservations about killing this large, majestic creature. I start trying to talk to it as the forest to learn more about it. His home had been destroyed long ago due to a war and he had been wondering for a new home. He found one in this forest long ago. As I continued, he sniffed me out of hiding. I asked him another question but he didn’t want to talk anymore, just battle. Vino blasted its antlers off and then killed it and gave it to Orloc. Orloc went on his way and we continued to Reidoth’s house.

When we arrived, we explained what had happened and what we needed. He leads us to a large, beautiful, and peaceful waterfall and says that he would need to take the day to divine the location of the cave with Gundren to see if he remembers anything. While Feylyn and I meditate and sleep, respectively, Vino goes back to Reidoth’s house to check in. He tells us later that Reidoth had been murdered by the Nothic and I almost took off running to Reidoth’s house. I couldn’t leave Feylyn alone with Nothic possibly running around. I try to finish sleeping and I do, albeit tumultuously. I kept having dreams about the events of the pasts involving the Nothic and the choices I made and being riddled with guilt. After I wake up, I still have to wait for Feylyn to finish her meditation in order to complete her cleansing. When she finishes, a fey creature appears and grants her the blessing of Eldath. I tell her to get on my back and I race towards Reidoth’s house as a panther. When we arrive, I listen to the others about what happened and I sniff out the scene in order to find the Nothic’s scent. I find one smell that’s sort of the Nothic’s smell, kind of like a faux Nothic smell, and another that didn’t recognize. Then the trail runs cold at the edge of the forest. This just makes things more confusing, but one thing is for sure; The Nothic MUST BE STOPPED!

The rest of party tells us that they found the map to Wave Echo Cave in Reidoth’s hand partially completed and Berrian, using his memory of previous maps we’ve seen, fills the map to include familiar towns and landmarks. Looking at it, we remember the Old Owl Well we were asked to investigate about some undead roaming around there. Gundren wants to help the people so he wants to go there. We go there and stealthily investigate. There are a bunch of zombies in the watch tower there and a man in a tent near it. We attract the zombies and yell for the man to draw him out to see what he will do. It turns out, as I suspected, he was a necromancer who created the zombies. What I didn’t expect, however, was that he was selling these zombies to people as a workforce to help with jobs and housework. His name was Shiradeen and he had a mark on his forhead that showed that he was from Thain’s school of necromancy. He sold “excellent” zombies and made absolutely sure that we knew that they were excellent. Vanessa wanted him to make a dead sprite that she found in Reidoth’s house a zombie and Berrian wanted to learn his necromancy spells. I couldn’t let this happen. Necromancy is a practice that brings about unnatural abominations unto the Earth, which I and most other people hate. Berrian argued that he wouldn’t use the magic unless absolutely necessary. I trusted Berrian so I let the transaction go through. Feylyn and Vino, other the other hand, didn’t like this guy’s at all and decided to attack him. Then Vanessa attacked Vino and ran like a little girl! I’m so disappointed in her for not only being a traitor but also a coward. Barrian then told Shiradeen to run and silenced the area. I went to stop him from getting away but I didn’t want to kill him for just conducting a business. I did want him to stop his business, however. We had a heated debate about the morality of his business and in the end, we couldn’t see eye to eye. He wasn’t going to stop and I wasn’t going to let him continue his business. I decided to kill him at the same time he decided that maybe I wasn’t a good person for not seeing his view and doing business with him. He then teleported away. I know only fairly powerful spellcasters could cast a spell like that or control 12 zombies at the same time so I recognize that I may have made a powerful enemy. However, I did my best to reason with him and I stand my actions and my decision. Now to deal with these zombies……


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Excellent Zombies!

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